The Daily Footie: Hugo Viana

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 6, 2006 12:00:00 July 6, 2006 12:00:00
He reminds me of that hot back up dancer from Madonna"s tour…only Latino and WAY sexier. And I ADORE the name Hugo. Back in Grade 10 I was supertight with this girl and she had a brother named Hugo with blond floppish hair, short in the back, long in the front, and he went to private school and wore a uniform and he was a year older and sooooo cute and one night during a sleepover we cuddled under the covers and held hands during the movie and then he wouldn"t speak to me ever again and I think I still love him a little and although Hugo Viana looks nothing like him, he"s just as hot and just as desirable only maybe more so because he has footballer thighs and really great olive skin and probably smells good even when he sweats and when I used to close my eyes and picture a Latin lover, THIS is exactly what I saw so can you blame me for picking Hugo Viana - a fantasy come to life? As for why Hugo over his Portugese teammate Christiano Ronaldo - please forgive me when I say I pass. I can understand why many of you find him attractive, I definitely see the appeal. But to me, his is a punk ass face. Similar to a Kfed punk ass face. My husband calls it a "beat me" face - hard to describe but you know it when you see it. Like that expression you see on delinquent kids loitering at the bus stop waiting to rob a granny. THAT is a “beat me punk ass” face. And maybe when he grows up a little, maybe when he finally gets some manly hairs on his face, maybe then he"ll lose the "beat me" face but for now…I"m sorry, gossips… my loins don’t quiver for Ronaldo. Not.At.All. Photo source

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