The Madonna interview with Vanity Fair…

First – her images. She looks amazing. Look at that ass. Don’t tell me that ass is photoshopped. You KNOW her ass is tight. Yes… that tight.

And then there’s the interview. Madonna the artist, Madonna the visionary, Madonna the preacher, blah blah blah. Read the full article here.

Highlights for me:

When the writer posits:
How closely does the movie career of Madonna parallel the movie career of Elvis? (With the first film being the only one that matters.)


And then a rather strange exchange between Madge and the journalist when discussing children’s books. The journalist mentions that he’d never read Pippi Longstocking because he has 3 sons. She apparently took issue with the sexism of the literary exclusion which isn’t unusual…but then she pretty much accused him of deliberately having boys over girls.

madonna: Do you have a daughter?
me: No, three sons.
[Madonna looks at me accusingly.]
me: I didn’t choose it—it just happened.
madonna: Do you believe that? You think things just happen?
me: I think that just happened.
madonna: Mm-hmm.
me: So who’s making the decision?
madonna: You are, you and your missus.
me: About what kind of kids we want?
madonna: You chose it. Your soul chose it.
me: No. Do you believe that? That my insides wanted boys?
madonna: Unconsciously. Yes.
me: I kind of like the idea, three sons—it’s like having a little army out in the woods.
madonna: And all the work they can do, and you can teach them carpentry and then build houses for you in Old Greenwich, or wherever you live.

Like… what’s that all about???

Way too deep.

Much more fun?

VF gives a photo retrospective on her past VF appearances – note the shot of her naked on the bed a la Marilyn Monroe, the same shot Lilo tried to imitate recently. Madge did it way better.

Also – a couple of eerie photos of Madonna looking like Britney. Or vice versa. See the resemblance?

And of course, Madonna in what was my favourite iteration: her Ray of Light phase, loose wavy hair, soft features, not too long after Lourdes…

It’s an amazing image section – enjoy!