Madonna a Momma in Malawi - Take 2

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 11, 2006 12:00:00 October 11, 2006 12:00:00
Let"s try this again: Madonna adopts! This time, her publicist has softened her stance, claiming she has no information on the report. However, the London Sun is reporting - with photo attached - that Madonna and Guy are indeed the proud parents of young David, 13 months, who lost his mother last year and whose father cannot support him. David"s father has spoken to the media confirming his son was adopted by a musician. Which means that what was originally leaked last week and subsequently denied and then not really denied and then leaked again is actually true. Which means that when a publicist issues a statement to People Magazine claiming something to contrary, it doesn"t necessarily mean it"s on the up and up. What it does mean, as you know, is that that"s the story they *want* you to believe. Not that that"s any news to YOU but you"d be surprised how many amateurs out there pick that sh*t up and swear on it like the Bible. But on to happier happenings, shall we? Lourdes and Rocco have a little brother, Baby Zahara and Moses Martin have a new playmate, and David Ritchie will do the impossible - he will broker peace between his mother and the Angelina. And for those who"ve written asking why the bad blood - I have no idea why the bad blood, all I know is that Madge wasn"t shy about sharing it during TIFF 2005 while she was working out at the Soho, and when you think about it - is it really all that surprising? Can you really picture the two of them hanging out? Can you picture Angelina kowtowing to the Madge? It might be easy for a duplicitous girl like my best friend Gwyneth, raised in Manhattan, surrounded by celebrities, well versed in the art of flowered verse and stabbing backs…but something tells me Angie doesn"t play that game, especially when the UN"s not involved, you know what I mean? Finally...since everyone else is adopting, would you be willing to bet your boob job that the Beckhams are next? Source

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