Crazy For You was playing on the radio while I waited in line for my soup today. Vision Quest! Can we just flash back to Vision Quest for a minute because 1. I loved Matthew Modine so much and 2. He played an 18 year old which...

Have you watched Vision Quest lately? In what world was he an 18 year old? To be fair though, after 25 years, that’s actually no different re: casting in Hollywood today.

So anyway, I’m listening, with the chicken corn chowder in my hand, and the next thing I know I’m 13 again, and my heart is swelling. And I’m listening to Madonna - I never wanted anyone like this, it’s all brand new, you feel it in my kiss - and even then, I FELT EVERY WORD. At 13!

I guess it made me miss Madonna. Or it made me miss the person I was at the age I was when Madonna sang that song. And this gives me an excuse to post these photos of Andrea Riseborough and James D’Arcy for Vanity Fair dressed as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, their roles in Madonna’s upcoming W.E.

It is a spectacular photo shoot. I’m obsessed. These costumes are EXQUISITE. The costume designer... like, Oscar nomination for sure. I mean it’s incredible. Said Madonna:

“It was easy to get swept up in the historical relevance and epic romance of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. The fact that they were also the fashion icons of their day added to their allure for me. Wallis was the epitome of style and grace, and Andrea Riseborough captured this and so much more.”

As you know, The Weinstein Company has acquired the film and it will be screened in Venice and at TIFF. Despite the fact that the words Madonna + movie are involved, there’s already been buzz that W.E. might actually be good. (Because she’s not actually IN it?)

Styling aside though, and clearly the film has been magnificently styled, with first class art direction, is there any substance...? Or is Madonna paying homage to a well dressed woman without acknowledging her very, very controversial real life shortcomings? I have no idea. And very, very, VERY few people have seen a final cut, if the final cut is actually ready. But this is the first time I’ve ever been excited to see a Madonna movie. I look back at that sentence and I almost don’t know what that means.

Click here to see all the Vanity Fair images. SO beautiful.