First let me get this off my chest: I want her hair. And while many of you have been kind to send your tips, I’ve tried… and it’s impossible. The Chinese won’t bend that way.

A heavily made-up Madonna accompanied Guy Ritchie last night to the London premiere of RocknRolla – just weeks after the ARod scandal, Her Madgesty and her consort appear to be renewed and resolute in their commitment. Guy apparently walked the carpet solo for a full hour before dashing back to the car and fetching his wife, at which point the crowd went wild as they posed together – the loving and supportive wife beside a husband in need of a hit.

But they have the oddest carpet chemistry, non? His arm is ALWAYS looped into hers. And it’s awkward. Like a child and his mother. Or a grandson and his nanny. Which is why their poses are so… strange.

Clearly Madge and Guy don’t practise like the Beckhams. The Beckhams probably have a special practise facility installed at the mansion. One red carpet bisecting a rectangular room with wall to wall mirrors. An hour a day, every day.

Madge and Guy could use a lesson.

PS. Love his pinstriped suit.

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