Tender Mother Madonna and Teen Girls

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2010 13:00:13 September 1, 2010 13:00:13

Madonna continues to direct W.E. in London. She also wrote the script...

Anyway, Lourdes has been with her mom almost constantly on set – she even has a walk on role – obviously eager to follow in the family business. Has been for a while. Madonna raising a teenager - there are a lot of things I don’t love about Madonna right now but this, this I love so much. I love when they hold hands. I love when she kisses her in front of the crew and I wonder what Lola must be thinking.

When Madonna is your mom do you get mortified when she kisses you, or do you say to yourself – yeah, bitches, my mom is Madonna, you’re allowed to be jealous. Oh wait, didn’t she blog about being embarrassed about her mom’s dancing at the Jay-Z concert?

Her latest blog is actually pretty amazing too. She’s all about 80s hiphop and Kick-Ass right now. And even the daughter of Madonna puts posters up in her bedroom – click here to see.

Speaking of 13 year old girls, Michael K at Dlisted.com just posted my favourite thing in life maybe of all time. Sydney Dalton was the #1 trending topic on Twitter yesterday because she posted a video on YouTube with her friends trashing a Justin Bieber poster. You can imagine the sh-t that ensued.

Click here
to see the post and watch the 2nd video. She speaks like an adult. Note the dramatic pauses. Note the very mature voice modulation. In between the profanity. And the gravitas of it all. The drama. The seriousness with which she addresses the situation. The use of the word INFER. And FATHOM. But no vocabulary can grow the mind.

See? This is why I love teen girls so much.

Photos from JJ/Splashnewsonline.com

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