This thing with ARod… it’s baffling.

So Page Six is reporting that Madonna and Alex Rodriguez have enlisted the services of their wealthy friends to help them spend time together undercover.

On October 21, ARod supposedly boarded a helicopter from New York that took him to the Hamptons where he was picked up by Jessica Seinfeld. Madge apparently did the same 40 minutes later and was met by Jerry. They went straight back to the Seinfeld’s estate and stayed there for 4 hours then left again in separate helicopters.

A naïve sentiment but…

I still can’t see it.

First because she’s, like, androgynous these days. Second because ARod is a f-cking loser.

Derek Jeter?

Bring it.

ARod? Whiny overpaid underachieving bitch.

Now Madonna may not have in the past chosen men who’ve treated her well, but she’s never wasted too much time on men who aren’t strong, who don’t challenge her, maybe a little too much.

ARod is not Sean Penn. Or Guy Ritchie. He’s not even Carlos Leon.


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