It doesn’t matter that they came to the brink. And it doesn’t matter that she met with Fiona Shackleton. What matters now is that Madonna is controlling the message. And the message right now is that Guy Ritchie was summoned to her side for damage control, and that the two are staying together. For now.

Liz Rosenberg finally spoke to shut down all rumours of a divorce yesterday and for added emphasis, Madonna and Guy stepped out hand in hand for dinner last night in an effort to quell the frenzy surrounding their rocky marriage.

Rocky it still is.

My sources say that while the two have temporarily agreed to hold off on legal proceedings, they’ve yet to resolve their problems. They’ve agreed to come together however for the sake of their children, understanding that the relentless attention in recent days, as paparazzi continually shout out questions about break ups and lawyers, is not an environment that is healthy for the kids.

Finally… about getting out of an SUV – there really is no elegant way to do it. Look at Madonna, almost on all fours. For why? For status? Just asking…

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