Madonna and Guy Ritchie attended a Kabbalah dress-up party in London – she went as Edith Piaf. So did she cover up those eyebrows or did she shave off her own just for one night?

As for their relationship – not many people are buying the publicity stunt from last week, and UK insiders believe that they’ve arranged to stay a united front for the sake of the baby David Banda adoption. The process is scheduled to be finalised in April, and given the controversy surrounding his adoption from the beginning, presenting a family in tact is supposedly critical to seeing a favourable resolution.

Rumour has it it, their agreement was made ages ago. And that the marriage was over ages ago. As a result of the Malawi trip. Guy allegedly wanted to adopt, and they had agreed to adopt in Britain, then before he knew it, she was initiating things with Malawi and starting her organisation and the press was crawling everywhere and a disgusted Guy had had enough. Even though he loves David and will seek joint custody, he is prepared to walk, though they have to maintain appearances for the time being. So they say in Britain. Will keep you posted.