A photoshoot for W Magazine shot in Rio – this is supposedly where Madonna met Jesus and she’s brought him home. You’ll recall she and Jesus Luz were papped together last week prompting even more speculation that he’s replaced the ‘roid monkey Alex Rodriguez. F-cking loser.

But…you know she does nothing without wanting to. There are no accidents.

So this Jesus love – it must be in service of something.

50 years old. Single. Spread in a high fashion magazine making out with a strapping young stud like we’re back in the video for Justify My Love…

Even her kissing technique looks weird and forced.

According to the gaywires, Jesus is not involved with Madge but with the W shoot photographer Steven Klein. Duh.

But the MiniVan has no gaydar.

To see more of Madge and Jesus in W, including Jesus naked, click here.

What do all the smoking shots mean? I thought was all body temple and sh-t these days…? Oh right, blame it on Rio…