Madonna took Jesus and her kids Lourdes and Rocco to the Jay-Z Wireless Festival performance in Hyde Park yesterday. At one point she and Jesus were spotted sharing a tender moment followed by a kiss. What she should be doing is taking notes. From an artist who is producing music that we’ll remember.

Because lately the Madge’s material has been lacking. And since she’s signed a longterm deal with Live Nation, there will be more, there will probably be more soon, in your face, and while I don’t mind Madonna in my face, I just wish Madonna would get in my face with some good tracks. It was the True Blue anniversary the other day and I posted about it. Click here if you missed. I certainly miss. Those days. When every Madonna song captured the zeitgeist, WAS the zeitgeist. Perhaps that belongs to Lola now.

Unfortunately Lola has not updated her blog with more amazingness. I’m waiting impatiently.

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