Madonna was at a screening for Steven Klein’s secretprojectrevolution in New York the other night and she sang and dropped some performance art and I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet because it’s 17 minutes long but we have other things to talk about anyway.

All The Madge’s Men were there. And I don’t mean Brahim. In fact, I’m not sure I see a shot of Brahim. Unlike Slum Bear, maybe Brahim simply doesn’t get to come to everything. I do see several shots of Madonna with Sean Penn though. And he actually looks happy about it. They’re still friends. Or, rather, they’re friends again now that he’s no longer with Robin Wright? Some of you have emailed asking whether or not they’d ever get back together, considering she’s always said he’s the love of her life. I don’t know if that’s possible anymore, beyond one night. That said, there is a pattern with her husbands, right? Sean and Guy Ritchie are not actually that far apart. She has clearly forgiven Sean for… the history. Has she forgiven Guy? When will we see Madge and Guy the way we’re seeing Madge and Sean here now? I’m not sure if Madonna can so long as Guy has a younger still-fertile woman at his side.

Also accompanying M last night – her son Rocco who, holy sh-t!, is big. Big as in how come they’re not babies anymore and it happens so fast? Rocco joined his mother onstage as she was shackled in solidarity with those persecuted for creative expression and sexual freedom.

And of course Guy Oseary was there, her faithful manager, a relationship that’s outlived all her romances.