Madonna and Stella McCartney hooked up for dinner last night in London. Where’s Gwyneth? She’d be there too if she could. Or maybe it’s Tracy Anderson who’s come between Madge and G?

Doubtful. G would never choose a lowly employee over the Queen of Pop. Gwyneth is probably too busy trying to make fried rice from spelt, much like she completely raped the recipe for bibimbop. Today is GOOP Thursday. G’s new favourite places to eat in LA – click here.

As for Madonna, like Kidman previously, note the impeccable 51 year old skin. And of course the UK tabs are alleging that because her wrinkly (and real) 51 year old hands stand in such sharp contrast to her face Madge has taken to wearing gloves to cover them. See I think the gloves are simply a style decision. You?

As mentioned in the open above, Madonna has granted permission to Glee for access to her entire catalogue – an entire episode featuring her music, which is amazing, as long as she doesn’t show up herself and try to act. Please Your Madgesty, don’t f-ck with our show.

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