Madonna is vacationing with family and friends in the South of France. This includes her boyfriend Brahim. There they are, her kids, her boyfriend, frolicking in the Mediterranean. Does Madonna not do bikinis anymore? You’d think that if she’s ok with doing a man less than half her age, doing a bikini wouldn’t be a thing.

Anyway, Lola is really cute with her brothers and sisters. Also I totally know what you’re about to say because that’s why I’m including these photos. Lola and Brahim are closer in age than Brahim and Lola’s mother so I don’t think the question is offside: what if you’re attracted to your mother’s lover? Like, was there at any point when Rumer Willis came home one day and said to herself, goddamn I wonder what it would feel like to kiss my stepdad? I think I would. Am I depraved???

Such is the modern family dilemma.

Last night, after spending the day in the water, Madonna and Brahim went out for dinner. She looked really pretty, really soft, really sensual. And really great shoes.

Then there’s Britney...

Britney. VMAs. Video Vanguard. Rumour has it Madonna presenting. Last time they shared the MTV stage they kissed. Do you remember? You have forgotten. I think we’ve all forgotten. Gossip Nostalgia time!

There’s SO MUCH MORE than just the kiss in this video. There’s Britney, obviously, still in fine form. There’s Justin’s clenched jaw reaction immediately after. There’s 50 and Vivica A Fox - omg, that’s right, they totally dated. There’s Snoop not able to contain his laughter; in many ways, HE was the representation of what we were all thinking - is that really happening right now? And Guy Richie standing up, with pride actually, to salute his WIFE.

How did it all unravel? All of it???

Photos from and INF