Madonna has been busy directing a new movie the last few weeks. Production on W.E., like Julie & Julia for Wallace Simpson, has moved to London and Madge was on set, shuttling around on her bike the other day, at one point visited by her children. More on that in a minute.

The real reason I’m attaching these photos, and I’ll admit it even though you won’t but you’ll look, is that she’s not wearing much makeup, and she doesn’t have the benefit through the pap lens of a good lighting technician, or a filter, or camera person who knows her angles, so you can see a true-ish representation of her face and the work, and Madonna approaching 52. Is Madonna still fighting 52?

I worry about this movie. I worry any time Madonna and a movie are put together. Because, well, you know about the acting. And as for the directing...

Ewan McGregor wouldn’t work with her. And producer David Parfitt (he’s an Oscar winner on Shakespeare in Love), and Casting Director Nina Gold also both quit the Madge amid reports that she can’t “collaborate and delegate”. (Source)

Well, at least she looks like she’s having a good time. And her kids too. David Banda’s jaunty little hat is killing me. And I LOVE the shot of Lourdes getting up in Mercy’s face. The way Lourdes has her arm wrapped around her there reminds me so much of Desperately Seeking Susan.

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