Madonna’s Bad Blood

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 16, 2015 14:42:50 June 16, 2015 14:42:50

Taylor Swift put together a video featuring all of her friends for Bad Blood. And you know the song is supposedly about Katy Perry. Now Madonna is …well…

Kinda doing the same…

WITH Katy Perry.

Here’s what she posted on Instagram:



Beyonce. She got Beyonce???

And Minaj. And Miley. The weak link, though, is Rita Ora, isn’t it?

So who’s Madonna’s Kendrick Lamar? Well, I think the only name that works here would be Drake. What’s a King to a God? Have you read this article?

Of course I’m excited. OF COURSE we will analyse every detail and come alive because schoolyard fights are why we exist. Why gossip exists. Of course the positioning between these “bitches”, as Madonna calls them, and herself, will be worthy of a 2 lecture discussion. All of it. Of course all of it. The video will supposedly be posted today and if I can, I’ll get to it this afternoon. At the same time though…

Just one smallllll observation…


Madonna, the maverick, is borrowing from Taylor Swift? Has she just given Swift permission to say, “Yo Madonna, I did it first”?

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