Fifteen minutes before Madonna arrived on the carpet her personal trainer hustled in with some other dude pulling a glossy suitcase behind him. Now that"s preparation. Amazing.

Guy was lingering around in a corner waiting for her too. Then they cleared everyone but security and her entourage from the entire carpet. All riff raff pushed off so Her Madgesty wouldn"t have to share. Love it.

We were packed in tight. The journalists behind us started pushing. I ended up jammed against the metal stanchion cradling my gimp hoping we wouldn"t get trampled.

Have you ever watched a boxing match? It"s a brilliant tradition. The boxer comes out of the tunnel surrounded by his crew. All of them huddled around him, shuffling along slowly as he makes his way to the ring.

This is how Madonna made her way towards us. A pink centre in an entourage six people wide and four people deep. Guy was tucked in the 2nd row.

It was the most fascinating spectacle watching her roll - this is her life! The object of everyone"s attention all the time. Even the rich guests that had already been seated inside were rushing back out to see her.

For some it"s an overwhelming situation. There were a few celebrities who almost crumbled under the glare last night. Mary J Blige for example looked endearingly shellshocked.

But on Madonna"s face a beatific expression and the look of entitlement. She knows who she is. She knows you know who she is.

So here she is in a short demure dress that"s not just a dress.

Note that every other woman at the gala went all out. Full length gowns with trains, couture, dripping jewels...

And Madonna shows up in an outfit she could wear to a business meeting.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

And would you give up an ovary for those shoes? Sweet Shiloh I looked down at her feet and saw a vision. What kills me is she"ll probably never wear them again.

Photos from Wenn and Splash