Madonna at night and a new tour?

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Yesterday I posted photos of Madonna in Venice at the W.E. photo call. Click here if you missed it. After shaking your head at her face, many of you wrote to say that she looked like a nun. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Because I didn’t even think of that until you pointed it out. All I could see was how well the dress was cut. And how flattering the fit was. But mostly I spent my time lamenting how she’s overdone it with the fillers.

Anyway, last night W.E. premiered at the festival. Madonna wore a Vionnet dress tricked out with red birds and matching lips. Love the look so much. Especially the red sunglasses. She posed with her hands on her hips as much as possible so you can see her cut arms. But it all only makes me wonder even more what the alternative would have been. What if she had just stayed with a peel every now and then and really expensive face creams and whatever other fancy sh-t rich people can afford to fight age but nothing invasive? What if she stayed away from the needless and the injections? What would she look like? Would it be so bad? Could it be worse than this??? What scares me most about these decisions is how irreversible they are. And they are. You can’t take that first hit without forever altering what would be if it’s allowed to progress naturally. This is terrifying to me.

As for W.E. - some critics have been dumping on it almost gleefully. Others have been more restrained with their disappointment. And Venice is considered more style than substance. Can’t imagine then how it’ll go over in Toronto where people are much more discerning. There’s been some buzz that a different version will be presented in Toronto, a new cut of the film, overseen by Harvey Weinstein, that differs from what was screened in Venice and that that will be the true test. We’ll see in a week.

In other Madonna news, Icon, Madonna’s official fanclub, has just suspended new Platinum membership enrollment. This has happened before. Whenever a tour gets announced. Many experienced hardcore Madge fans are convinced that the announcement is imminent. (Thanks Matthew!)

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