Admit it. She looks amazing. She looks like she’s 30. She looks like she could live forever. Knowing Madonna, she’ll probably find a way to do that.

Here she is tonight premiering her movie I Am Because We Are at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight in New York – as youthful, as light, as sprightly as she’s ever been. And UNLIKE Nicole Kidman Granny Freeze, even though they’ve probably had the same amount of work, Madge’s face actually moves!

Needless to say, working out for 3 hours a day obviously has its benefits. I’d give up my ovary to look like this tomorrow, let alone when I’m 50.

You know the depressing thing? My main ‘mo Darren who is as vain as they come, who, of course, goes to the gym almost every day, told me last night while I was gorging on popcorn at a movie that your muscles start to atrophy after 72 hours. Which is why you can’t go longer than that without working out if you don’t want to lose your improvement.


Why can’t our asses get smaller the LONGER we sit on it?

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