Britney played New York last night – a sold out show that attracted even Madonna. Her Madgesty went into a private box and did not stay for the encore. She was observed to be “smirking” when she left.

Madonna’s tour director Jamie King also worked on Circus. Wonder if she called him up to give him ass about letting Britney have some of his better ideas? Here’s a suggestion for the Madge that has nothing to do with set design – can you PLEASE do Dress You Up next time?

Attached – a few shots of Chicken Fried on stage. Her hair is working right now. I like it.

Also, the If You Seek Amy video has been released. Same over sexualised Britney Spears. Slave 4 U over and over again: dance formation with Britney in the middle and jazz hands framing her face with heavy breathing and whipping her head from side to side…

Are you over it yet?

I’m not. Not yet. Maybe after Circus comes to Vancouver.

Britney Spears If You Seek Amy


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