Is it possible that Madonna, after her setback in Malawi, has decided to stop fighting the 50? She’s back in London now, still appealing the court’s decision, out for dinner the 2nd night in a row, looking about as natural as she’s looked in a while. And by natural I don’t mean reversing whatever she’s done to her face but perhaps not doing anymore?

No matter how much work though, the hands always give it away. You all educated me about vaginal plastic surgery last week (apparently this is possible) but what about the hands?

Also, a bit of a grey at the hairline, see up close?

I like. It’s softer. More accessible. When she stops fighting, maybe she will win.

Ugh. That was the cheesiest line ever. Sorry. Am weak. Because it’s gorgeous here in Vancouver so my trainer, she took our workout outside. Working out outside is the worst. More challenging. And so many f-cking sprints. And laps around the field. And side to side shuffles. I was so angry I refused to speak to her. This makes her happy. It was only an hour. Madonna every day does it for three. How?

Photos form Martin Grimes /