Madonna falls and meet Dr Brandt

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 20, 2009 06:17:36 April 20, 2009 06:17:36

As you’ve probably heard, she fell off a horse this weekend in the Hamptons. No serious injuries, is now recovering at Gwyneth’s estate. You know the one with the work out studio right beside the apple orchard?

Madge’s people are blaming the paps claiming that some dude was hiding in the bush and startled the horse but the photographer is calling bullsh-t insisting that he did indeed shoot her before the incident but was not present at the time of the fall, his argument being that if he was actually there, he would have images of her ass on the ground…

As insensitive as that may sound, it’s also hard to argue with the logic.

This is Madonna’s second horse incident, definitely not as alarming as the first. The first, if you recall, happened in England a couple of years ago, resulting in broken ribs, a busted hand, and a f-cked up collarbone. Word is the accident “doomed” her marriage. That Guy’s lack of sympathy and warmth as she healed ultimately led to their split. That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose.

As for her current love situation – Jesus Luz is back in the picture, and so the papers are all calling him her “boy toy” again. Yeah well Steven Klein is back in the picture too. She was riding the horse at his farm. And you will recall, way back, I told you that according to the gay wire, Jesus is actually Steven Klein’s current shiny plaything, and not hers.

Anyway, here she is before the accident at Kab with Baby David Banda. Love what she’s wearing.

And finally…

Have you met Dr Brandt? Thanks Matthew for sending the clip – it’s Dr Frederic Brandt, the man who works on Madge’s face…when he’s not working on his own, which curiously shares many similarities with Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman and of course his most famous client, the former Mrs Ritchie.

You MUST watch this – click here!

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