Can stop the show.

While others would have cancelled citing a variety of excuses, like feeling fat, or migraines, or fried chicken laziness, Madonna took it back to the stage last night in Boston, her infamous emotional fortitude not shaken by divorce - a true, driven, control freak professional to the very end.

And even though she did not appear to be affected by the split, she did manage to fire off a message, dedicating Miles Away to the “emotionally retarded” – it’s well known that Guy inspired the song. Needless to say, after almost 8 years of marriage, he clearly hasn’t evolved. At least not in her mind.


Supposedly they haven’t slept together in a year. She moved her favourite art pieces out of the house and approached the end of their relationship with business-like efficiency. He says he won’t fight her for the money but will likely fight her for the children, Malawi folks are now concerned about the wellbeing of little David Banda, A Rod’s presence continues to loom large over the situation, and Carlos Leon is said be incensed that the two had to spoil Lola’s birthday with their announcement.

Meanwhile the UK tabloids have pretty much set up a news bureau inside the Ritchie household with live breaking updates on the situation every few hours. No detail will go unreported. Promise.