Madonna channels 1987 self

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 21, 2010 11:41:26 May 21, 2010 11:41:26

Written by Sarah

It’s Maddona! Looking like Madonna! For the first time in what feels like a hundred years, here’s Madonna looking like herself, instead of a frightening lizard person. This is the Madonna I love. Weird clothes no one else could ever wear, exiting a nightclub (Aurora in London) in the wee hours of the morning surrounded by bodyguards and paparazzi. Those boots. I want. And her face looks normal, yes? Glance through these photos—it could be 1987. Is she toning down the face f*ckery? Or did they just catch her in the right light at the right moment? Still, she looks good here. Maybe it’s the sunglasses. I can’t see her eyes at all. The eyes and the neck, they’re usually what gives away a woman’s true age. Want to spot face f*ckery? Compare the eyes and the neck to the forehead and the cheeks. Dead giveaway. You know what’s another dead giveaway? The hands. Madonna knows this. In nearly every photo she has her scary claw hands covered up, in a glove or in her pocket. But you can see them in a couple photos. So long 1987.

If only she would go back to making music as good as she did in 1987…

Written by Sarah
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