Hadn’t had a chance yet this week to write about Lola’s latest blog entry but don’t want to leave for Vegas before indulging in the amazingness that is Madonna’s oldest daughter.

14 year old creatures are entertaining enough as it is. You throw privilege and fame onto that and you get this. Lola Leon, now a fashion girl, fronting a clothing label that she inspired and Jenny Humphrey is her motherf-cking EMPLOYEE. For rizzle. It’s FABNOSITY.

Lola’s new blog focuses on what she’s been doing this summer. Oh you know like crushing on cute boys that look like Axl Rose, making fun of her brother, worshipping other famous offspring, going to concerts, seeing movies, and, um, being mortified by her own mother.

“I went to the Jay-Z concert recently and that guy is amazingly awesome live, he’s a great performer. I was with like everyone from my house and we had a really good time. My mom was dancing the entire time which is LOL now that I think about it, but in the moment I was just like, ”mom…..no…please no”.

Mom... no... please no.

Lola thinks like us.

She also mentions going to a festival with friends and camping and having to use a porto-toilet. Sick. But interesting all the same because, well, that’s Madonna’s kid. And Madonna probably didn’t go. And Lola wasn’t photographed there. And I wonder how that works. How normal looks for Lola. Like, did she have a bodyguard? Does she take the bus there? Is her sleeping bag from Gucci? Does her mother call to check up? Fascinating.

Too often the children of celebrities are nowhere near as interesting as their parents. There’s only so much It in a gene pool. Lola however, Lola will be special. Lola will be watchable for a long, long time.

Also, she’s getting all girly for Kellan Lutz. Because she’s 14 and doesn’t know. Which is about right as far as he’s concerned.

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Attached – Madonna, the photographer, and Lola, the stylist, or something, shooting Taylor Momsen for Material Girl. Why isn’t Lolo modelling this sh-t herself?

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