It’s Madonna. Of course she’s demanding. Of course she doesn’t want to be insulted by your presence. Especially not when she’s working out.

So Madonna and family are currently spending time in New York. As you know, she’s a fitness freak and dropped in for a yoga session at the Reebok Sports Club Saturday morning. Midway through the class, Madge started yapping at the instructor who did the unthinkable and asked her to refrain from speaking during the exercises.

She took exception to this and was like – well…I need to talk to you about this. Then she told the other class members to scram. So the instructor opted to take off with the students instead and left the room to Madge by herself, where she overstayed her welcome, delaying a dance class that was supposed to come in next.

When contacted about the report by Page Six, Madonna’s publicist replied:

"That sounds unlikely."

First of all…not a denial. And second… UNLIKELY??? Does she not know her client? At all???

Attached – Madge on Saturday leaving the Kabbalah Centre with her big ass shades hiding her big black bruises after routine facial maintenance in time for the holidays.

Photo from Wenn