Not long ago Tracy Anderson was the sh-t. She was training with Madonna, touring with Madonna, featured by GOOP, opening her own gym in NYC. But no one in NYC seemed interested. Stagnant membership, bad press due to her shady past, accusations that her methods were not realistic, and now the fatal blow…

Madonna has discarded her.

When asked about the break-up, Madonna only laughed, coldheartedly dismissive about the end of their collaboration. The official word leaking from Camp Madge is that she “had grown tired of the baggage that Tracy always seemed to be carrying with her. Tracy had grown to be more of a distraction than anything else."

But does Madonna ever maintain lasting relationships with women who spend a lot of time with her day in and day out? The key to friendship longevity with Madonna is distance. She and Gwyneth are close. Same goes for Stella McCartney. But they hang out not frequently.

With Tracy however it became more complicated. She’s now dating the former head of Madge’s charity Raising Malawi who quit the gig to move to NYC to be with her and then Tracy wouldn’t travel with Madonna anymore on tour to be with him. Madonna did not have her trainer with her on call. At 2am, when she was feeling fat, Tracy was not there to punish her in the studio.

OF COURSE she had to be terminated. And now shady Tracy is scrambling. Will GOOP soon follow?

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