Stories originating out of the UK re: Madonna have to be taken with a grain of salt. They are unabashedly pro-Guy. This one however, despite my loyalty towards the Madge, seems totally believable.

Madonna keeps a nanny to tend exclusively to Baby David Banda. The nanny has tendered her resignation but was booted before the notice date as M was supposedly furious that the nanny wants to leave.

It's long hours and gruelling work, as you can imagine dealing with a child in itself is work, a child of Madonna and her demands, perhaps 10 times so. And word is she doesn't pay very well.

Madonna is reportedly readying to adopt another child - apparently she wants to install a new person as soon as possible. She's now searching for a new employee.

Have you read her brother's book? Life With My Sister Madonna - needless to say, it was not affectionately embraced. And Madge wielded her considerable power to make sure Christopher Ciccone, once her stalwart right hand, did not benefit much from his expose.

The book itself isn't all that insightful where scandal is concerned. We already know everything he tells. Except what jumps out the most is how f-cking cheap she is.

Here's one of the wealthiest women in entertainment and she nickel and dimes her staff, her family, she haggles over everything, she made him pay his own way to her wedding, she doesn't pay him on time for his design services (he did the interior for several of her homes).


Like, if I'm Madonna, of course it's important to be mindful of getting ripped off...but generosity to family and friends, you'd think it'd be a given right? What's a first class ticket to Scotland? She wouldn't miss the money. Not at all.


She thought he was/is an addict.


She didn't want him squandering her cash.

But Madonna is notorious about being a tight wad. So it's not surprising once the novelty wears off, working for her probably wasn't so delightful anymore.

It's the one quality I can't abide in a celebrity: cheapness. Especially when they throw money around everywhere else.

Source: Daily Mail

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