It not being about the money?


What happened is the British press firmly planted on the side of their homeboy against the aging American superstar who happens to be a tough ass bitch. Which is why, now that the financial – or as John Mayer would say the “pecuniary” – details of their divorce have been settled, Madonna has instructed her mouthpiece Liz Rosenberg to release the figures.

Guy Ritchie is getting between $76 and $92 million.

No…he’s not walking away empty handed, as was reported several weeks ago. In fact, he’s walking away with what Rosenberg is calling “one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement."

It’s also called hush money, and of course Guy managed that part of it by deftly playing the press, leaking information he knew would put Madge on the defensive. Nice moves.

Meanwhile, now that the cash issues have been settled, the two have reportedly agreed to a civilised Christmas, together for the sake of the children, in England. He’ll hunt and she’ll spend most of her time working out with Gwyneth and their shady trainer. I’ll be locked in a cabin with no wireless and no cell service for three days with the in laws and 3 kids 10 and under. It’s a toss up.

Here’s Guy on set and also leaving his pub The Punchbowl on the weekend all smiles.

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