The Ed Hardy Mother

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 21, 2012 18:40:13 May 21, 2012 18:40:13

Madonna and her kids went to Kabbalah yesterday in New York. Her MDNA tour kicks off in Tel Aviv in 10 days. SheΓÇÖs been training and rehearsing hard, as she does. IΓÇÖve not decided yet if I want to go. Back in the day it wasnΓÇÖt even a decision. She announced and I was there. IΓÇÖll be in Toronto when MDNA arrives for two shows during the second week of TIFF. As if TIFF wasnΓÇÖt enough of a production in the city during that time.  

Everyone has an opinion about how Madonna dresses - too young, too old, just right, love her, hate her, it wouldnΓÇÖt be Madonna if she wasnΓÇÖt so polarising. But...

Can we all agree that her fondness for Ed Hardy-ish sh-t is for sh-t? I donΓÇÖt care who you are - when a silver spray gun vomits all over a baseball cap, it means you should NEVER wear it. Also... what does she have on her feet? Where does she find these clothes? Why do I still see so many dudes walking around in True Religions with low cut white v-necks?

Doug Meszler /Splash, FameFlynet

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