Not too long ago, Madonna told Elle Magazine that "Posh and Becks are much more interesting (than me and Guy). “

Not too long ago, Victoria Beckham told Madonna she wanted to be her friend by getting photographed in a Madonna t shirt. Nothing exists in Posh’s world without the paparazzi, see?

Her Madgesty granted the wish.

She had dinner with the Beckhams last night at Nobu which did more for THEM than it did for her.

Seriously, what’s UP with Madonna these days?

ARod? Then the Beckhams?

Major downgrades.

And giving in to Posh’s desperation is embarrassingly beneath her.

Posh on the other hand made sure the outing was well documented. Unfortunately Madonna would not allow herself to be shot in the same frame. Still…it made the papers today. A nice consolation prize for losing out on American Vogue.

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