Holy Moly is reporting exclusively that Madonna met with kick ass divorce lawyer Nicholas Mostyn QC several days ago and has initiated divorce proceedings. This falls in line with what I reported back in March - that the marriage was over ages ago and would be officially over once the adoption of little David Banda was officially confirmed.

Like clockwork, apparently.

Most intriguing though – according to the Holy Moly report, there is a possibility that Madonna did NOT have Guy sign a pre-nup which of course jeopardises her massive fortune. Then again, Macca’s precedent should serve Madge well.

Would the Madge you know and love actually get married with no pre-nup? Then again, would the Madge you know and love walk into walls and fall off her bike so often?

Story developing…stay tuned.

Attached – photo of the Ritchies looking miserable in Cannes.