While Madonna is reportedly romancing some young hot Brazilian piece called Jesus –and if she is… I’m jealous! Look at him! – Guy Ritchie has apparently also moved on. She’s younger, she’s connected, she’s very, very wealthy, and it was supposedly all hooked up by Trudie Styler who, conveniently, also introduced Guy to Madge way back when. What, is she like his pimp? Does Trudie get a cut from all future divorce earnings?

Because it seems like Guy has a type. The rich type.

Anyway, Guy’s new mark is none other than Jemima Khan, Hugh Grant’s long suffering ex girlfriend. The two have been seen at a few parties together and if true Jemima is certainly manning up. Guy Ritchie would never attack the paps with a tupperware full of baked beans.

Like, do you remember the amazingness of that story?

Various photos of Guy, Jemima, Jesus, and Baked Beans attached. Also Madonna celebrating the end of her tour in Sao Paolo last night.

Photos from Wenn.com