Reference materials: article about Madonna’s Malawi adoption attempt – click here.

Us Weekly version of the same event – click here.

The child’s name is Mercy James. Madonna showed up in court today in Malawi but the ruling was delayed til Friday. Mercy’s grandmother thinks the big bad Madge is coming to steal a baby – this according to Us.

You will note, in People’s account of the situation, no mention of the delay is made, nor is there any reference to the backlash that seems to have topped headlines everywhere else. Instead, People defends her, reporting that her marital status should not affect the approval process, and that Madonna took Baby David Banda to see his biological father for 3 hours, quoting said father’s delight about their meeting.

Which story do you prefer? Asskisser or Madonna hater?

Me, naturally, I’m more inclined to go with the smuttier side. This is, after all, Madonna. Have you noticed she’s been photographed an awful lot lately with Baby David Banda? Much more so than say 6 months ago? Leaving Kab, arriving at Kab, out and about, it’s BDB’s hand she’s holding front and centre, not Rocco, and Lourdes has conveniently taken up residence at the back of the stage lately too.

Coincidence…or conspiracy?


She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s doing it for a reason. She’s doing it because she has the audacity to believe that God’s higher purpose for her is to save that world. That she is one of the few who can meet this challenge.

This must be why she arranged to make this adoption happen during her 6 month tour break.


You don’t remember?

She’s going back on the road in July for 2 months across Europe.

So yeah, I’m no parent, but I’ll judge anyway. Three months is totally enough time to bring a new baby into the family. And hitting a new city every other day on planes and buses is probably a very effective way to acclimate a child too, right? Children do not need structure!

Ugh. Can’t she just sing and dance and grab her grotch now and again and stop trying to save the world? F-CK!

Photos attached of Madonna in Malawi visiting the future site of her school from