Madonna premiered W.E. in London tonight wearing a cape and red leather gloves to match her lips. Go ahead. Start bitching. I know you need to get it out.

But her hair looks really good, doesn’t it?

Why the gloves? Because earlier in the day at the photo call she was also covering her hands. It’s the hands that show the aging the most, isn’t it? You’d think by now they would have developed a procedure to do with the hands what they do with the forehead and the frown lines, non? Or would that compromise mobility? Jesus, can you imagine? Losing full use of your hands because you wanted them to look younger?

By the way, I love the peephole in the blue dress she wore in the afternoon.

We’re getting a lot of Madonna in the next few weeks.

Sunday! Showdown with the Jolie at the Golden Globes!

Then it’s the Grammy Awards. Then it’s the new album. Then it’s the new tour. And hundreds upon hundreds of pairs of gloves.