Iggy Pop performed in her honour and then proceeded to pararde around topless. How many people can turn up somewhere with their shirts off and make it work? Few I suppose. And this is why he was chosen to fete the Material Girl who has reigned pop for 25 years. All hail Madonna!

Justin Timberlake hailed Madonna! It was a bawdy introduction laden with sexual innuendo, citing her “shapely body of work”, acknowledging that she’s a woman who “fully enjoys (being) on top”, and conceding that “"Nobody has gotten into the hall of fame looking this damn fine. You"re no old museum piece."

He also recalled the day when they were working together in studio while he was feeling under the weather. According to Pippy, Madge told him to “drop ‘em” and proceeded to pull out a syringe and administer a B12 shot, after which she pronounced his ass “Top Shelf”… kind of adorable, and funny too, considering who he’s dating. But if he has his own Shelf Ass why waste time on Jessica Biel’s???


It was clear last night how much Madonna has taken to him. And vice versa. Like she’s anointed him. And for a boy who’s been anointed by Her Madgesty, it’s a damn f&cking waste to share his royalty with a commoner tv girl who will never merit the A List on her own.

As for Madonna’s personal life… inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – what occasion could be more grand? Not grand enough to be accompanied by her husband? Where was Guy? Was Guy there? Because if he was, he was hiding. Perhaps he was busy. Perhaps he was looking after the children. But couldn’t they find a nanny for that? Perhaps not. Perhaps she wanted to celebrate the occasion alone…

And apparently when someone had the gumption to ask her if he was joining her, Madonna shut that down with a withering look, further fueling speculation that all is not right. Our smutty senses are united on this one, right?

And her arms are freakin’ the sh*t out of you too, right? They weren’t that crazy when I saw her up close last month at Drew Barrymore’s party. But she hit up the gym yesterday afternoon for a little extra definition. Maybe too much definition. Is there such a thing?

No matter. If there’s anyone who truly embodies the word Fierce – it is the one and only…Madonna. Worship!

PS. Madonna made a small correction after Justin"s introduction:

"Everything he said is basically true, but I didn"t say "drop "em," I said, "pull your pants down." I like to be accurate because you know I am a control freak."


Photos from Wenn.com