Soon enough celebrities and evangelists will be one and the same. Madonna is speaking like it already.

She sat down with Ann Curry on The Today Show – also a favourite of Angelina Jolie – to discuss her new album and her new movie I Am Because We Are. At one point, Anne asked Madge about what drives her:

AC: “What is it that you want to feel about your life?”

M: “That my soul reached its true potential and that I did everything that I was put on this earth to do.”

AC: “Which is?”

M: “Well who knows, we’re about to find out.”

It’s like she thinks she’s the Chosen One, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, right?

Click here to read and watch the entire interview and see attached – Madonna’s beatific smile last night at the Tribeca Film Festival. She’s achieved Kabbalah nirvana!