Lately, instead of Madonna the pop star, it’s been all about Madonna the Mother – she’s still using her considerable resources to appeal Mercy’s Malawian adoption rejection, and also donated $500,000 to earthquake recovery efforts in Italy…

Her face doesn’t seem to be as scary stretched and pulled either. And she and Lourdes were spotted holding hands through Heathrow yesterday on their way out of London.


Her Madgesty flying commercial?

It’s a softer, kinder Madonna.

On purpose, of course.

Because we are to focus right now on Madonna the parent.

How does Madonna mother?

Interesting new development: Madonna is now the mother of a tween. Her Lola is 13 this year. Is the woman who was once almost arrested in Toronto for pleasuring herself onstage a proponent of sexual conservatism as it relates to her children, or is her household more like what the Mighty Opes was exploring on her show last Thursday?

Have you heard about this?

I don’t worship at the Church of Oprah. So I almost never watch. But my friend Lara loves Oprah. And Lara and Duana put aside some time this weekend to discuss the Mighty’s episode titled “How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex with Dr. Laura Berman”.

As you can imagine, many members of the MiniVan Majority are losing their sh-t.

Dr Berman believes that parents should be engaging their children in discussion about sex and anatomy very early. Much of the controversy surrounding her position has to do with masturbation: if a 10 or 11 year old is aware of it, is informed about it, is comfortable with it, she may not be as quick to let her hormones lead her into the backseat with a boy before she’s ready, and as a result, could reduce her exposure to disease and other risks. Dr Berman also recommended vibrators for 15 and 16 year old girls so that they can begin the sometimes complicated female process of achieving pleasure which, in theory, would lead to a more satisfying sex life later on.

Naturally, the moms are freaking out. Morals and ethics have been tossed around or the lack of moral and ethics is top of mind for many. Because it is apparently amoral and unethical to educate our children about sex. Some have come to the conclusion that Oprah and Dr Berman want them to put vibrators inside their toddlers.

The message boards are on fire.

And don’t forget Duana’s favourite part:

Gayle thought that girls should not be taught about masturbating but that it’s totally different for boys…

But we don’t have kids. What the f-ck do we know?

Madonna must know.

Am dying to know what Lourdes knows. What she knows from her mother. Because Lourdes will be a handful before long. Already they are obsessed with her. During that trip to Malawi two weeks ago, Lourdes’s photos almost outsold her mother’s. Lourdes is almost here.

Also attached – Lourdes at Kab in London before departing with mom without her two brothers.

As for the Mighty Opsey’s show about sex…

The poll has been updated. All are responses taken from her website.

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