Sean Penn is suing Lee Daniels for defamation over remarks Lee made while being interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter while defending Terrence Howard:

"[Terrence] ain't done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he's some f-ckin' demon."

Click here and here for previous posts on this story. Now Sean has amended his motion to include a statement from Madonna who insists that he never physically abused her:

As you know, these stories about what Sean may or may not have done to Madonna have been widely reported both by legitimate and not-so-reliable media outlets. There was supposedly an arrest. And statements made by an officer called Bill McSweeney who noted in an arrest report that Madonna had been assaulted. These claims have been around forever. Like, I’m not a lawyer but how is Lee Daniels the first on Sean Penn’s hit list on grounds of defamation? To me, a “fair comment” defence here seems totally reasonable. That information is everywhere.

And also, by going after it this hard, and having Madonna come out and make these declarations, the story is bigger than it ever would have been to begin with. I’m not sure what Lee Daniels said would have been a headline for more than half a day. It would have died, fast. Now? We’re 3 months into a situation and Sean’s playing with someone who will not be intimidated by him, who is willing to throw down with some force and is challenging Sean to bring it. To court. To talk about all this sh-t in court. And meanwhile he’s made no attempt that we know of to have any of the articles written about his alleged abuse in so many publications taken down. Why should Lee Daniels have to wear all of that?