Madonna joined Drake on stage at Coachella this weekend. At one point, while he was sitting in a chair, she approached him from behind and put her tongue in his mouth. This seems to happen to him a lot. When he’s in a chair. Like with Nicki Minaj in the Anaconda video.

I’m with Madonna here. Because, yeah, if I had Drake in a chair, I’d probably do the same thing, even though the angle is awkward. I like the game though, and I also like his hand reaching up to mess with her hair until she catches it and yanks it back down. What I hate is his reaction at the end. It’s not that he’s wiping off his mouth, which could be done in a really sexy way, but his grimace. Come on. Don’t front like that was something disgusting when you knew it was going to happen. You’re an actor. Practise that sh-t better. Because now you’ve just let the conversation become about how gross it was for you that she did that when you were there knowing she was going to do that. It’s 10% Justin Timberlake, non?