My BFF Alan W wrote the other day that he thought Madonna looked good at the VMAs. That her face had fallen some, more relaxed, less taut.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t look like Faye Dunaway.

Truth: when I first saw photos of Faye Dunaway at the VMAs I thought she was Madonna. It’s not something Madonna would want to hear. And please… I don’t know why Faye was at the VMAs. This is an amazing mystery that should remain a mystery; a lifetime WTF??? that should never be solved.

The point is Faye is almost 20 years Madonna’s senior and looks to be her contemporary.

Which is actually good news for Madge. Over time.

Because it’s not like Faye’s never had any work done. The work she’s had done keeps her looking about 60. Which means Madonna will always look 60 too. And when she’s 80 that’ll be quite an accomplishment.

But I do prefer her so much more without makeup and dressed down. Like last night out for dinner with Jesus and his friend from school in a leather jacket and jeans.

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