What was Lola wearing yesterday? So far there’ve been no photos of Madonna’s daughter. I want to know if her outfit here came from her own closet or if she was borrowing from her firstborn.

This is Madonna in New York going back to the Borderline a little yesterday in torn up jeans under a plaid shirt and leather jacket. Are you into it?

Probably not.

But I don’t hate it for the reasons you do.

You hate it because she’s over 50 and shouldn’t dress young, right? I don’t know if I’m down with that kind of reasoning. I don’t know if it’s fair. My problem with what she’s wearing here is that the jeans simply aren’t flattering. Also that jacket looks like it’s too small. I don’t know why Madonna is jamming herself into her clothes. She’s fitter than a teenager. This is entirely unnecessary…though I suppose she’s doing a lot of unnecessary these days.

Is that fair to say of her new movie W.E.? Let’s wait see it first, I guess.

And when?

Word is Madge is working to screen it at the Venice Film Festival, hoping for a kinder reception there than what would greet her, say, if she presented it in North America first.

Photos from Eddie Mejia/Splashnewsonline.com