Madonna was at the Berlinale last week to present a few scenes from her film W.E. to potential buyers. It was an exclusive event. Press strictly forbidden. There was also a Q&A after the clips were presented and Madonna, in a gesture that demonstrates how badly she wants this, declared to the money people in the room that she’d be willing to travel to promote the film. This is Madonna. And she’s, like, putting up offers now.

If you buy my movie, I’ll do this and this and this and this.

Woman, would you just f-cking stop?

You know that, um, she wrote the screenplay for this film, right? And directed it?

Sometimes you think to yourself – well at some point, bad has to end, you know? Like, someone can’t suck forever. Like a losing streak will eventually stop. And so it would be tempting here to say that Madonna’s repeated Try in moviemaking could finally result in a win after so much embarrassing, crushing losses, right?

It’s just…

Streaks happen when you’re actually good at something and go through a bad funk. But if you’re not good at something, you’ll never be good at it even though you’ve been bad at it for so long.

She doesn’t hear that though. Madonna doesn’t hear anyone.

This is Madonna out in London this weekend with her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat. First of all that coat cuts her off at an awkward part on the leg. Secondly, those shoes aren’t helping. So now I’m fixated on her calves + feet combination. OMG. Madonna has little old lady legs, doesn’t she?

Now chill your ass before you start yelling. One day, we’ll all have little old lady legs. But not all of us will fight it the way she does, that’s my point.

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