Bitch I’m Madonna, the remix

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Madonna released a new video for Bitch I’m Madonna, the remix. More like redo. This is what she should have done in the first place, instead of what we got the first time around, when the launch was f-cked up by Tidal and all we ended up seeing were people making cameos…without actually having to be in the same room as her. Beyonce, Katy Perry, even Nicki Minaj – who is “feat”, as Stephen Colbert would say, on the song. They literally phoned it in. (Do people use this expression anymore?) In the end, Madonna just ended up making Taylor Swift look really, really good. Because at least all the members of her Bad Blood posse, including Kendrick Lamar (KENDRICK LAMAR!!!) showed up for her. Click here for my initial post on the Bitch I’m Madonna video version 1 situation.

Version 2 is a lot better. Version 2 still features all those appearances but this time she doesn’t seem so desperate to include them. They’re on their own. But she’s on her own too. It feels a lot less like she threw a party and they promised to come and didn’t come even though she told everyone that they were coming. And I love what she’s wearing. I love that shirt. And, because I grew up in the area of Madonna pissing off the Toronto police for her masturbation simulation scene during Blonde Ambition, I’m always down with a little Madonna self-stroking. Maybe less ab work though? Or did I miss the memo (do people still use the expression “miss the memo”?) about how crunches are a dance move now?

Anyway, I’ve attached the video below. And here’s a shot M posted on Instagram of all her tour wigs.
Someone’s tour wigs? Is she actually admitting to wearing wigs?


Ladies with an attitude................❤️#rebelhearttour

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

I mean I know JLO needs a LOT of hair help – and whoever helps her does a great job. But Madonna I always thought was pretty good with her own hair. A few pieces here and there but I assumed the base was solid. Like in this photo, for example. She might be boosting a little from the bottom but those roots. Those roots and all around and down suggest a pretty thick head of all Madonna.


I’m seeing Madonna on tour in October in Toronto. Two nights after I see Taylor Swift. Right now, that feels like it might take on some meaning…but what?

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