The origin of the story is a UK tabloid so…you know. But they claim to have seen her last week in London hanging out at Opus Dei. So now they think she’s breaking up with Kabbalah and reconnecting with her Catholic roots, albeit a much more conservative, reportedly rigid branch. Madonna has ostensibly become disappointed with Kab after the organisation bungled the school project in Malawi. Indeed, that’s probably the official reason.


Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow discovered that she’s a descendent of the Dumbledore of Kabbalah? All those years Madge put into being the face of her own religion and then G comes along, effortlessly, and it’s discovered that she was born that way…I’m sure you can imagine, that would not have sit well with her, or between them.

Also, Gwyneth is younger, taller, and thinner. I mean…it’s just too much. Which could be why M is looking for a new church to claim. Until somewhere along the line, G saunters in and, like, takes that over too. I find this so amusing. That in a relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, even Madonna finds herself the poor, scrappy cousin from the wrong side.

Here she is in New York this weekend inspecting renovations on that building she acquired last year.

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