As you know, all of London is buzzing about a Madonna divorce. She is rumoured to have met with Fiona Shackleton who also represented Prince Charles and more recently Paul McCartney in his nasty split from that lying golddigger Heather Mills. The same report is suggesting that Madge may have married Guy without a prenup.

Do you find that hard to believe?



Still… all is not lost. Other outlets are claiming that Guy Ritchie doesn’t want it to get ugly, that he’s trying to hang on.

What’s speaking volumes right now though is that Liz Rosenberg, Madge’s longtime mouthpiece, has yet to release a statement (as post time). It could be statement fatigue for sure – her previous one was only 2 weeks ago – but the gossip universe has been predicting this a long time and even I, back in March, had reported that as soon as the David Banda adoption was finalised, Madge and Guy were done.


When she’s not bruised from walking into a wall or falling off her bike, I do love the Ritchies. Hopefully the Ritchies can work their sh*t out.