The last time I wrote about Lourdes Leon I noted that she wants it. She’s tasted it next to her mother, and she will hunger for it in no time…if not already.

Madonna gave an exclusive interview to Hello Canada and was asked about her daughter’s aspirations. She acknowledged that unmistakable look we’ve seen in Lola’s eyes.

Would Lourdes like to follow in your footsteps as a pop star?

She says she wants to be an actress. I don’t mind.

So the question is: will Lola become Lilo?

Are you concerned that she might take a leaf out of your book and become a bit of a rebel?
I look back at my 20s and I really was not getting up to much. What do people think I did? I don’t think I was as naughty as I could have been. And these days you have cellphones and You-Tube that are added distractions. She is very self-possessed and she has a strong personality, so that will be a challenge for me, but it will also serve her well when she gets older.

Madge also talks about the turning the half century. Not surprisingly, she’s turned it into a social issue.

You’re going on tour in August and turning 50. How do you feel about that birthday?
Not only does society suffer from racism and sexism, it also suffers from ageism. Once you reach a certain age, you’re not allowed to be adventurous, you’re not allowed to be sexual. I mean, is there a rule? Are you supposed to just die?

Agree or disagree?

If you agree, then should we be eliminating this kind of talk from our discussion points:

She’s too old to prance around in a bra and panties! She’s too old to wear a short skirt?

Or do we get to pick and choose on this one? Mature women deserve respect but also must adhere to respectability?

Am fence-sitting. Can’t decide. You?

More on Madonna in the new issue of Hello Canada including her how she answers to David Banda’s biological father.