Madonna’s done with Timor Steffens. OK good because I didn’t bother memorising his name. He’s young, an arty dancer type. And they were on holiday in the south of France and she decided before her birthday that she didn’t want to be with him anymore so, according to US Weekly:

“Madonna politely asked Timor to take his luggage and leave. He packed up and left the trip and said they were done.”

See, JLO?

That’s how you do.

You don’t buy him a truck and give him a business card!!!

So anyway, she’s available again. I wonder if she’s ready for a name again. Since Guy Ritchie she’s run through a series of younger model/dancers, all of them with zero profile. That’s a pattern with her. Until she runs into a famous person she can’t resist. But who? You know who she would love? Michael Fassbender.