Am still having a hard time accepting it. What Madonna could be doing with a loser like ARod.

Maybe it’s his…poetry? So now she’s in high school falling for the douchey John Mayer type?


The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Madge said of her supposed lover:

"(He) has the heart of a poet trapped inside an insanely gorgeous body."

Something about him writing her old fashioned love letters.

Upon further reflection…it does make sense.

After all, these are the lyrics to her song New York:

I don't like cities, but I like New York
Other places make me feel like a dork
Los Angeles is for people who sleep
Paris and London, baby you can keep

Other cities always make me mad
Other places always make me sad
No other city ever made me glad
Except New York
I love New York
I love New York
I love New York

I know, right?


The bar for her Bard isn’t exactly set super high.

Perhaps this is why Guy isn’t around anymore. Perhaps he was too articulate for her. Here he is on set of Sherlock Holmes today. I really like his sweaters.

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