Look out Jolie!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 26, 2009 09:41:00 March 26, 2009 09:41:00

Malawi officials have confirmed that Madonna will be visiting the country this week to adopt another child – Baby David Banda, the sequel!

Madonna recently revealed that: "Many people - especially our Malawian friends - say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister. It's something I have been considering but would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and the government."

Having said that, her attempt could be thwarted by her tumultuous love life and dragging around a young Jesus certainly isn’t helping. A senior official from Malawi’s Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development reportedly explained that “Our official policy is that we do not encourage our children to be sent into broken homes. Her relationships may negatively affect the adoption of Mercy."

Apparently Madge has her sights set on a little girl. No doubt, cheap as she supposedly is, Madonna certainly has the financial means to provide for a fourth child… but what about her insatiable need for MORE?

More albums, more touring, more money, more kids…

This woman is an enterprise. And she never stops. But she is also competitive. The Jolie has adopted 3 children. If Madonna’s current attempt is successful, she’ll only be one back. The race is on!

Time for a new poll. Check it. Your thoughts on Madonna’s latest adoption?


File photos taken in January of Madonna with Baby David Banda from Wenn.com

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